Creating an “Important Box” for your Wedding Day

by Melissa on April 6, 2012

I’m sure most brides do something like this for their wedding, but I just figured I’d write a post about it so that future brides can add it to their to-do lists!

For our wedding, we had a plastic bin from Target (the same plastic bins that we use to organize items in our home) that we called the “Important” box. It even had a large label to that effect.


Photo we took as we were moving all our wedding supplies to our venue two days before the wedding!

Our “Important Box” Contents

  • Marriage License Paperwork for officiant to sign
  • Copies of Ceremony Readings
  • Liquor License Paperwork
  • Checks for vendors requiring payment day-of
  • Checkbook (in case we forgot to write any checks)
  • Cash payments (for vendors that only accepted cash. We also kept an extra $200 on hand)
  • Wedding rings in their jewelry boxes
  • Lego ring bearer box
  • Engagement ring box
  • Copies of all wedding contracts
  • Printed copy of spreadsheet with all vendor contact information
  • Copy of wedding invitation (photographer usually takes picture of it)

This worked fantastic! First, I liked keeping it in a larger box rather than an envelope because it was harder to misplace. Second, as long as we always knew where that box was, we knew we’d be set for the wedding. I watched that box like a hawk in the days leading up to the wedding! And our coordinator knew about the box so she could disburse vendor payments at the wedding.

Sure, there are some downsides to putting all that important stuff in one place, but to me, that was more reassuring than having it spread all over the place and among different people! For instance, I didn’t want my sister to hold on to the rings, the officiant to hold on to the readings, and the coordinator to be the only one with the vendor contact info.

Or maybe I’m just a control freak!

What about you all? Did you have something similar on your wedding day?  What items did you keep in yours that weren’t on my list?