Organizing Items Until the Wedding

by Melissa on May 16, 2011

I am an organizational freak.  I know a lot of brides like to say that.  But I always question how much they mean it.  Have I ever showed you the storage system  in our house?  No?

Well, this is our laundry room.  Yes, our laundry room.

Organizing Wedding Items 06 Organizing Wedding Items 08

Organizing Wedding Items 12

My fiancé and I organize things into these little bins so that we can always find things when we need them.  We have similar setups in other closets in our house too.

So, the thought of having little items in different parts of our house for the next six months is driving me crazy.  Over the last several weeks, we’ve purchased vases, digital cameras, votive candle holders, burlap, cakestands, and lots of other things.  And after I’ve unpacked each box, the items  have remained on our kitchen table. No good.  These things need to get packed away for the next several months.  But, before I do that, I want to photograph everything and measure everything, so I know exactly what I have, and I don’t need to physically see it.

So, I enlisted the help of my trusty DIY lightbox (modified slightly from the tutorial found here) to photograph the items.  Several months back, I created one of these out of PVC pipe from Home Depot, but I had never actually used it for anything.  Well, now I finally have a use!

Organizing Wedding Items 56 Organizing Wedding Items 58

I photographed all the items that I’ve purchased to-date and recorded their dimensions (only some are pictured below).  These are what the items look like photographed in the lightbox

Organizing Wedding Items 24Organizing Wedding Items 26Organizing Wedding Items 28

Organizing Wedding Items 18Organizing Wedding Items 50


Then, I went upstairs to my computer, and printed out what I call a “large bin” label (like the one on the dark purple bin in the far left of the first photo) on my trusty Brother QL-570

Organizing Wedding Items 62 Organizing Wedding Items 64

Then, I dug through our “Mailing and Shipping Supplies” bin to get some stuff to help protect the fragile items in the bin.  I just layered the packaging material throughout.  We save a lot of the packaging material that are in boxes we get, like from  Once that box is full, we stop saving materials, and sadly, just throwing it away.  But after a few months, the supply goes down a little, so we save a few more supplies.  The boxes on the right are just a nested set of boxes we keep in case we have to ship anything.  Like the packaging supplies, we just keep a certain amount of boxes.  In this case, we have two nested sets of boxes.  But as we use them, we save more.

Organizing Wedding Items 68 Organizing Wedding Items 70

And, voila!  All of my vases and cakestands are packed away neatly and I can forget about them until November!

Organizing Wedding Items 72

Organizing Wedding Items 76


Shopping Haul

by Melissa on April 7, 2011

So, although I wasn’t scheduled to start purchasing decor for the wedding until May, I couldn’t help myself, and bought some items for “proof of concept” designs in March.  Remember in this post when I talked about how many votive candle holders to buy?  Well, that was part of one of my proof of concepts (proofs of concept?  whatevs).  I’ll give an overview of the actual projects next week, but for now, here’s what’s been arriving at my door:

2011_03_17 19_48_37 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

Lots of Burlap (here it is in its post-washed state.  Lesson learned, I don’t think I’m going to wash burlap for future projects, no matter what online tutorials tell me.)  Actually, this one didn’t just “arrive at my door.”  I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics.


2011_03_19 14_28_18 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

Multiple varieties of candles and candle holders from


2011_03_16 19_45_46 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

One tablecloth from (again, this is just for a proof of concept)


2011_03_19 14_14_31 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

My first thought?  Wow, this is going to be a wrinkled tablecloth!  It’s folded up so tiny!


2011_03_19 14_14_45 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

You’ll see it unfolded next week.  And yep, it’s brown


2011_03_16 18_47_29 Wedding Designing Progress (tables)

And what’s in this box?  You’ll see.  Let’s just say, I LOVE the internet and the way it gives you an opportunity to buy anything at any time of year.