Yesterday I talked about how I’m organizing all the STUFF I’m starting to acquire for the wedding.  Well, in typical SuperNoVAbride fashion, before actually buying anything, I developed a spreadsheet to help me compare costs.

Well, actually, it was a spreadsheet partially “borrowed” from my fiancé, which he developed when trying to compare costs of LED light reels from various online Chinese wholesalers (long story).

I heart spreadsheets t-shirt(A t-shirt my fiancé’s family gave me for Christmas a few years ago)

My issue was this:

  • I would go to one website, and they would be selling six vases for $30 and free shipping.
  • An Ebay seller would be selling 25 vases for $90 plus $5.50 for shipping
  • Someone on Craigslist was selling 10 vases for $40, and all I’d have to do is go pick it up.

At quick glance, I can’t tell which one is a good deal, and which one is the best deal, or if one of them is a total ripoff.

In another instance, I was looking for dried wheat stalks for centerpieces.  I looked on various websites, collected the price of wheat (in terms of ounces) and the shipping costs various websites charged.  This spreadsheet (thanks Fiancé!) has been invaluable helping me make sure that I’m not overpaying for items, and which items I should scoop up right away because they’re a great deal!

So, I’m sharing the template that I developed with you all.  It’s in my template library on Google Docs called Cost Comparison Spreadsheet (Weddings)  I hope you find it useful!

Screenshot of spreadsheet comparing wedding item costs


I’m introducing a new segment here on SuperNoVAbride. Template Tuesday!

There is no shortage of wedding planning templates. From pre-made binder books to DIY binder books with printout pages to online templates that read something like this:

Vendor / Contact Info / Deposit Amt. / Deposit Date / Balance Due / Balance Due Date

Well, you get the idea. Useful, but limited. So, since I really like spreadsheets and templates, and since I have already developed so many for our wedding, I figure, why not share them with you all!

So, first up is the Wedding Photographer Comparison Worksheet. If you’ve read my posts before, you know that a great photographer is the top priority for our wedding (you know, beyond that whole marriage and “I Do” stuff). We interviewed a lot of different photographers, all of whom offered different packages containing different products and services, all at different prices. To view everything in a streamlined format and to help us compare the photography packages, I developed the following template. (screenshot below, link to a blank template on Google Docs is under that).

Wedding Photog sheet for screenshot_1301802048423

Link to Google Docs Template

I fictionalized the wedding photographer’s names and their clever package names, but the prices and inclusions are what we actually found. A few of the columns contain information that was important to us, such as whether they would provide us .TIFF files instead of .JPEG, so that there wouldn’t be any compression loss in the photos we receive (we’re geeks and sensitive to that type of stuff).

Once you’ve entered the information, you can sort according to your priorities (like price, hours of coverage included, etc.). You can also feel free, of course, to add additional columns of information.

Let me know if you’d like to see additional features or if you have feedback!

What other templates would you like to see? Planned templates include:

  • True Catering Costs – this will help you trudge your way through all those catering estimates that are in so many different formats and provide information in different ways (per 100 h’orderves, per person h’orderves, equipment included in per person price, equipment not included, etc.)
  • DIY vs. Buy Worksheet
  • Wedding Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Expense Tracking Worksheet (like the one you can link to on the sidebar on the right).