A Few Bits of Randomness

by Melissa on May 15, 2012

A few things I realize I never shared with you all about our wedding, but none of which really warrant their own full post!

Our Save the Date

We designed this ourselves and used one of the photos from our engagement session. A perfect infusion of fun and geek.

Save-the-date 2011-05 - flat


Our Favors

We toyed with a lot of ideas for favors, but ultimately settled on customized flashlights ordered from Ebay. Our campground wedding venue had virtually no lighting outside the buildings and pavilion, so we wanted to make sure guests could find their way around and back to their cars when it was time to leave. Truly practical! And no DIY time consuming-ness necessary! Oh, and the kiddos got glow necklaces, bracelets, and glow sticks.

We could’ve opted for a slightly cheaper flashlight, but those ones used watch batteries instead of AAA’s. We wanted folks to be able to use their flashlights forever, and who actually changes things with watch batteries? We figured folks would use things more if they could just swap out AAA batteries when they needed them! Even today, more than six months after our wedding, our guests still tell us they use their flashlights!



Our Programs

Also self-designed, and quite fun if I do say so myself!





Our Thank You Cards

Keeping with our photo theme, much like our invitations, we created these thank you cards in iPhoto. Rockin’






Simple, clean, and easy. Oh, and only about $1.49 each (including the envelopes!)


One of the first things that gave our day-of-coordinator a near heart attack was that our Save-the-Dates didn’t match our “color scheme” (whatever that was anyway. Fall colors with sapphire blue). And then that our invitations didn’t match our invitations.

So what! Seeing everything together here, I think everything went together beautifully, even if they didn’t “match.”


Today, I am finally ready to share our wedding invitations with all of you! I’ll let the video speak for itself first, and then you can view the individual pages in more detail below.

Our Wedding Invitation in Action


Compiled View of our Wedding Invitation




And our RSVP Postcards


The Front:

RSVP Postcard


The Back:



Wedding Guests and Online RSVPs

by Melissa on October 17, 2011

We designed our own invitations and RSVP postcards. The full invitation reveal for the blog will come after the wedding, but to give a hint, I’ll need to record a video of my invitations for you all to get the full effect.  But, here’s the front of our RSVP postcard, just to give a taste:
Our DIY RSVP postcard
In addition to our RSVP postcards, we offered our guests an online RSVP option. I had read on a few wedding advice sites that online RSVPs aren’t a good idea. 

  • To state the obvious, not everyone is comfortable using technology or even has the technology to reply online
  • Using a mixed online RSVP / paper RSVP is just too complicated

But, we decided to give it a whirl. Our RSVP postcards included the following RSVP options:

  1. Gladly Attend
  2. Regretfully Decline
  3. This postcard is so 20th century. I’ll RSVP online at www.[InsertOurWeddingWebsiteHere].com

We simply included an “RSVP Here!” page on our website. On that page, we embedded a Google Form that we created. Our Google Form contained the following fields:

  1. Name
  2. Can you attend? (Y/N)
  3. Names of Adults Attending (Large text box)
  4. How many Children Attending (Small text box)
  5. Names and ages of Children Attending (Large text box)
  6. Your e-mail address (small text box). in case we need to send last minute updates!
  7. Notes (large text box)

Out of the 44 RSVPs we received thus far (for a total of 122 people, or 42% of all the people that we’ve invited), 20 of those RSVPs were submitted online!  That’s 45%. I think that’s a damn good online RSVP rate. And it’s not demographically predictable. We’ve had folks in their 60s RSVP online and folks in their 20s mail in their RSVP.

As an added bonus, we also use the RSVP form ourselves. When we receive an RSVP in the mail, we enter the information right away into the online form. Then we just have one spreadsheet to track all the RSVPs! And, I’d just like to point out that Ken has taken the lead on tracking the RSVPs and is doing a great job.

I’m so lucky to have an involved groom!

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Wedding Invitation and Save-the-Date Options

by Melissa on November 30, 2010

Even though I said that I shouldn’t get ahead of myself in planning a wedding (after all, we still have YET to book a venue, caterer, and date – although hopefully soon!), I really can’t help it!  Invitations and Save The Dates have been on my mind quite a bit.  Initially, I had wanted to buy creative invitations from Etsy and I had bookmarked a ton of favorites.  Over Thanksgiving, however, I revisited my bookmarks, and while they’re gorgeous (and I couldn’t dream of being so crafty and creative), they just left me feeling kind of blah.

I know there’s a lot of creative license permitted for Save The Dates.  But for invitations?  Formal, formal, formal.  RSVP card, inner envelopes, outer envelopes, precise wording, scripted fonts.  YAWN, YAWN, YAWN!

Then finally, it hit me!  A fabulous idea that speaks to a major interest of mine and my fiance’s.  While I’m still ironing out the details, we will most certainly not have invitations with pockets and inner and outer envelopes and pocketfolds and all that … stuff.  My idea should cost about $3/invitation + some DIY time and potential photo studio costs (like JCPenney studio cost, not professional photographer cost).  I also have a few ideas for save-the-dates, most of which are inspired by these types of cards:

Photo Booth Save-the-Date DIY Photo Strip Photo Booth Wedding Invitation Julia & Jon Save-the-Date Photo Booth Strip Card

But, let’s take a look at some other invitation and save-the-date related items I’m looking at.

We’ll definitely need some Save-the-Date props.  What do you think, buy from Etsy or DIY?

SAVE THE DATE and WEDDING SIGN Use this sign TWICE 22 x 8

HE ASKED...SHE SAID YES SET, SAVE THE DATE SIGN, PHOTO PROPS,  Announcement, Engagement, Wedding Cards, Shabby Chic Signs, Photographer, Bridal Consultant, Wedding Planner

I love this idea of using a mosaic of stamps for addressing envelopes.  Over-the-top complicated, or cute and memorable?

Buy It Now :  wedding hawaii invitations postage Vintage vintage

I’m thinking of buying a custom stamp for our return address for our envelopes.  Standard stamp or go with a monogram-type stamp?

Custom calligraphy personalized  address wood handle mounted rubber stamp-great wedding gift  - style 1280C

Has anyone ever had their wedding invitations addressed by a calligrapher?  What did you spend?  My fiancé suggested just printing them on the computer, but all the stuff I’ve read says that’s in poor taste.  Thoughts?  Some calligraphy options I’m loving:

Calligraphy Addressing for Envelopes

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