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Come visit me at my new blog, SuperNoVAwife!

Let’s start this with the new, user-generated feature of SuperNoVABride. The SuperNoVABride Wiki! I compiled a list of every possible DC-area wedding venue I came across during my wedding planning and put it on the Wiki. But, it’s just that (for now) … a list! Why? Because its a Wiki! Which means that ANYBODY can contribute. So, check it out, and if you’ve used one of those venues, we’d very much like to see some information added! Know of a venue that’s not on the list? Add it! I suppose that in between other projects, I will also contribute to the content!

Update November 2013 – Due to an absolutely insane amount of spam, I had to take down the wiki.  Sorry for any inconvenience!  Stupid bots! 

Let me know what you think!

And now, about the blog itself.

When I started SuperNoVABride back in November 2010, I didn’t have high hopes. I thought out would get bored with it within a month. Or get so busy with the actually PLANNING of a wedding that I wouldn’t have time to BLOG about planning a wedding.

But holy shit.There I was nearly 18 months later. Heck, nearly 6 months past the wedding, and I was still blogging about wedding stuff. That, I certainly thought, would NEVER happen.

Rather, I am so insanely happy that I maintained this blog. I am so happy that I have a chronicle of all the batshit craziness that occurs during the course of planning a wedding.

Sure, I don’t blog about the normal wedding stuff. I don’t post inspiration boards or go gaga over invitation suites. I kept it practical. I kept it controversial. Oh, and I have at least three blog posts with the word “hate” in their title. Yup. ‘Cause haters gonna hate.

Most of the wedding bloggers around the blogosphere have planned and had their own weddings, but have continued to blog about it for years later. Many of them enter the wedding planning business or do something else in the wedding industry. A lot of those bloggers I really respect. But, I am not one who can continue to write about it, and am certainly not one who wants to work in the wedding industry. (Because I could just see myself telling a bride, “Geezus, just chill the fuck out!)

About two months ago, I found myself un-following all wedding-related boards on Pinterest. Then I realized that my “unread” count on Weddings folder of RSS feeds routinely exceeded 1000 unread posts. So I started unsubscribing to many of them. And then sure enough, I couldn’t find much mojo to write on my own wedding blog.

So, before this blog begins to really languish, apologizing for only posting maybe once per month, and then I have to begin each post with an apology for not posting recently, I have decided that it’s time to bow out gracefully.

Well, as gracefully as I can. Because as Ken can attest, I can’t even walk up stairs with grace.

SuperNoVABride will always remain up so that future brides can continue to read the content when they need a breath of practicality in an overly prettied up wedding blogosphere. I, of course, will still always be accessible via e-mail at melissa [at] supernovabride [dot] com, so send me a note if there’s anything I can help you with! Hosting and domain names and all that boring stuff will be renewed. And maybe I’ll even hop back over here if I ever get the urge to write some new and amazing wedding-related blog post.

But, I doubt it. And if I do, they are plenty of other wedding blogs that I can write guest posts for!

I’ll do some cleaning up around the blog, maybe create a static landing page and make it easier to navigate the archives, but this is it for new content. It’s time to move on.

So, speaking of moving on. Ken and I have started a new blog called SuperNoVAWife.  We’ll be documenting our travels, life, and home projects, especially technology-related ones.  And, there will definitely be some wedding-related tech projects on there that Ken completed for our wedding. It’s still in its infancy, but I promise, it will rock your world. (Okay, maybe not.  But please stop by and say hello!)

I am so incredibly thankful that I blogged this entire experience. I’m so happy that I got to (virtually) meet many other brides planning their own weddings. And I hope that maybe, even just a teensy bit, I managed to help other couples planning their own weddings.

And they lived happily ever after.

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My budget posts got a little delayed from my original schedule. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that Ken spent Saturday morning in the ER in a great deal of pain, where doctors (quite easily) discovered he had a kidney stone! The stone has already passed and Ken is feeling much better now! So, I was a little distracted and never scheduled my posts for Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll be wrapping up all the details on those posts later today, so take a look for them tomorrow and Wednesday.


Merry Christmas (Blogging Hiatus until January 2!)

by Melissa on December 22, 2011

Image Source: Flickr User laurenmanning


I would like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and holiday season! I’ll be taking a brief blogging hiatus until January 2. At that point, check back for new posts and some great new features!  But I’ll continue to post to Twitter, so be sure to follow me there!

You know, it’s been kind of weird. I’m writing more wedding-related blog posts now than I ever did during my engagement.

I maintain a blogging calendar in which I list my blogging ideas and project what date I would like them to post. If I posted five days a week, my blog post ideas would take me from now until July! JULY! I never in a million years thought I would continue to blog that long after the wedding.

So Merry Christmas, or Happy Chrismahannakwanzaka!

– Melissa & Ken –

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Wedding Recap Wednesday will Resume Next Week

by Melissa on November 23, 2011

Hi all, I’ll resume my wedding recaps next week since I know this is a busy travel week. I have nearly TWENTY PAGES of recaps ready for you all. But don’t worry, it won’t all come in one post!

Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!


The interwebs are broken

by Melissa on August 31, 2011

Hi all, a quick post from my phone here. Our Internet has been down since Sunday, so I can’t publish any blog posts. It was supposed to be fixed yesterday, but Verizon failed us. I have a bunch ready to be posted as soon as it’s back up! Thanks for your patience. Follow me on twitter at


Announcing the New SuperNoVABride Blog Design

by Melissa on July 10, 2011

Thank you all for your patience while I took the site down this weekend to gear up for its total design overhaul.  I hope you like the new design and logo (I also have a new twitter background!).  And please let me know if you find any quirks or bugs.  Some things display differently in Internet Explorer, but it doesn’t affect functionality.  Also check out my updated About Page and Links Page.


SuperNoVABride will be down for the entire weekend July 9 and 10.  It will be back up on Monday morning, July 11 with an awesomely shiny new design!  So, for feed subscribers, visit the bland white template one more time to say goodbye.  After tonight, it will be no longer!


Returning Next Week

by Melissa on February 25, 2011

Hi All,

I haven’t felt all that hot this week, so blogging went on the back burner.  I’ll be back on Monday!  Have a great weekend!



Technical Difficulties

by Melissa on February 9, 2011

Ahem.  Attention!  Attention!!  To the oh, five readers of my blog.  Four of whom are haters 😉  :

I’m currently experiencing technical difficulties with my theme on WordPress, so please forgive the uber-boring, non-customized theme for now.



by Melissa on November 4, 2010

Welcome to SuperNoVABride (as in Northern Virginia).  Soon this blog will be filled with rants, tips, and general information about having a low cost wedding in the DC area.  Can it be done?  We’ll see!