The most annoying part about wedding planning stress is …

by Melissa on April 3, 2012

… that everyone tries to convince you that you SHOULD be stressed.

Here are a couple of conversations I had, mostly with women, throughout the wedding planning process:

Coworker: How’s the wedding planning coming along?
Me: Oh, fine, we just booked our florist
Coworker: Are you going crazy yet?
Me: Nope, not too bad.
Coworker: Just you wait! It will become madness when everyone starts to bicker and argue over every little detail.


Me (via personal facebook status update): Well isn’t that nice, my wedding dress is LOST and the designer won’t refund my deposit
Comments: “WHAT!?!?!” “OMG!” “What are you going to do?!?”
Me: I’m going to get married no matter what dress I wear


Me: No, we’ve decided not to hire a deejay. We’re just going to self-deejay
Other Vendor: No way! That is the LAST thing you want to be worrying about at such a stressful time. You want to make sure your entertainment works and your guests have a good time. Why add another stressor to an already stressful time?
Me: Ummm, it’s nothing I’m stressing about. I’m confident that self-deejaying will work just fine, we have backup equipment, and if it doesn’t work, well, a wedding can still be a wedding without music!

You get the point. Do you ever think that if people just stopped asking you about wedding stress and telling you about their former wedding stress, and trying to convince you that every decision along the way will just add to your stress? BAH! I’m stressing thinking about all this stressing talk.

So just remember, just because folks tell us that weddings are SUPPOSED to be stressful, you don’t have to agree! Negativity is self-perpetuating, so if you do talk to your coworker about all the wedding stress SHE had planning her wedding, you might start to feel stressed yourself!

So, just nip it in the bud! Stay calm and carry on! (and here’s how we avoided most wedding stress, and why planning a wedding does not have to be hard!)

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