A Wedding Planning Panic Attack. Ack!

by Melissa on December 7, 2010

So yesterday I had a wedding panic attack.  We put a two-week hold on a date next November at Glen Echo Park, and I was infuriated by the fact that only one caterer is within our budget, and I can’t get her to call me back for anything!  I mean, is this sort of thing NORMAL!?  And, even if she is within our budget, do I really want to have her cater our wedding if she’s already this elusive?

That, faced with the constant lamenting over how expensive weddings are, how much effort is involved with planning them, and just how frivolous they are, I came home with only one thing on my mind.  Eloping.  Dead serious, courthouse-type eloping.

I talked it over with my fiance, and after a few hours and some Christmas decorating, my panic attack receded.  I figure, regardless of what decision I make (regular wedding vs. eloping), there will probably be some element of regret.  If we elope, will I always regret not having a big family celebration and wearing a white dress and getting to design fun wedding invitations?  But if we have a wedding, even a “budget” wedding, I’ll still regret that it was the expense that it was and how that money could’ve been used for something else.  And after all, I’m just being unreasonable about the expenses.

Today, I’m feeling much better.  I had a productive day, and while I still haven’t reached the caterer, I’m taking it all in stride.  It will all work out just fine.

Has anyone else ever had a similar panic so early in the process?

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