Comprehensive List of Wedding Expenses

by Melissa on March 7, 2012

Okay, I’ve talked about how our expense categories compared to WeddingWire’s expense categories, and how are expenses were distributed, in time, quantity, and amount.

Now, it’s time for the big reveal. Wowza. Our master list of ALL OUR WEDDING EXPENSES.

Here ya go

Pasting images as big as these is a bit unwieldy, but if you don’t feel like clicking on the above link of expenses, here are some images of our spreadsheet.

Wedding Expenses by Date



Wedding Expenses by Category



Wedding Expenses by Amount (lowest to highest)


Like I mentioned yesterday, some of the figures may not match exactly the figures used in yesterday’s post, because that post did not take into account “negative” transactions, such as refunds and returns.

So what do you think? As you review the expenses, does anything seem crazy? Anything need clarification?

Tomorrow, I’ll do post more analysis of all of these expenses, including my reasoning for saying that while we spent $23,598.91, why I don’t consider that to be what our “wedding” actually cost and why that it is actually our expense of “getting married.”

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