Wedding Day Morning Calmness

by Melissa on November 8, 2011

Second post in one day? I can’t.stop.writing. No joke.

I would like for my wedding day to start on the calmest possible notes. This will require a delicate balance. Of course, I don’t want to ignore my family as we get ready, but it’s almost like my family is incapable of being calm and prepared. I am, on the other hand, completely prepared for the wedding.

I think this might be completely incomprehensible to someone who does not plan. Here’s an example. As of two days ago, my mom STILL did not have an outfit to wear to the wedding. And for my wedding shower a few months ago, my sister was buying supplies like tablecloths right up until about an hour prior to the event. So I think that, because they plan things at the last minute, they always ask me questions, like “Do you have this,” and, “oh, you didn’t forget about that, did you?” or “shoot, I don’t remember seeing this, have you seen it?” This drives me absolutely batshit crazy.

Also, having people ask me, “are you ready!” and “are you excited!?” and “no cold feet, right!?” every two seconds will be exceptionally annoying to me. I just want to be left alone, in peace, to prepare for the day. But, at the same time, I want to involve them and not seem like a total bitch on my wedding day.  (On a side not, I am SO looking forward to after the wedding so people will stop asking me, “are you ready,” and “are you excited.” One of these days, I really just want to say “No.” just to see what someone says.)

Anyhoo, I’ve made some preparations for the morning of the wedding to hopefully make it as calm as possible and not be a douchebag in the process.

Preparations for Morning of Wedding Day

  • Downloading meditation podcasts to listen to as I relax or start to get ready
  • If I’m feeling restless and full of nervous energy, practice dancing moves, or do jumping jacks and burpees to burn energy
  • Studying up on some deep breathing exercises
  • Perhaps even pound out a blog post about my feelings at the hotel
  • Put copy of the wedding to-do list in the hotel room so people don’t ask me needless questions (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) or ask me “do you have this ready, what about that, etc.)
  • Put up signs asking people to keep a calm vibe when they’re in my hotel room. No panicky voices (ahem, my sister). No loud voices (ahem, my future SIL). Quiet voices might be difficult because my grandmother is very hard of hearing. She’s also a very negative, and sometimes even mean, person. If she says anything negative, I will ask my mom to take her somewhere else.
  • Bring noise canceling headphones in case the volume level does get too high and I need to tune people out
  • Ask everyone to turn their cell phones to vibrate. The sounds of ringing cell phones tend to stress me out sometimes
  • Have a bottle of white wine handy so I can have some drinks and relax if necessary
  • Have my “calming” pandora station queued up

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