Weekly Roundup April 9

by Melissa on April 9, 2011

Links I’m Loving

A cute sendoff idea!  Perhaps for ours, we could get people to toss Apple logo confetti?  Or some other geekery?

It’s so funny because just the other day I was thinking about using bales of hay to line our “aisle.”  How does one even purchase a bale of hay.

We’re renting our venue for several days, so we’ll probably have our “rehearsal dinner” / pre-wedding party at the venue itself.  But I think an at-home rehearsal dinner would be a fun option too!  Considering we’re just planning on ordering pizza!

I’m already working on burlap projects!  It’s such an awesome, inexpensive option for our fall wedding.  (See Thursday’s post.  And more to come!)

Ah yes.  One of my worst fears if I have to wear a strapless wedding dress.  Boobs.  Nuff said.

A Spud Bar!  Dude.  What a rockin’ idea!

A DIY Sundae Bar!  Dude.  What a rockin’ idea!

Best Wedding Decisions Retrospect.   A few that caught my eye.  Not leaving on the honeymoon right away (we’re planning on that too) and alone time the week of the wedding.  I’ll definitely have to keep that one in mind!

Another rustic wedding that I’m loving!

Wedding Fitness Goal Progress

After two consecutive weeks of gains, the scale moved down again this week with a loss of 2.2 pounds!  Phew.  Although working out has been difficult.  Evenings have been incredibly busy for some reason.

April Wedding Planning Goal Progress

(as part of our Wedding Planning Timeline)

  • Start wedding dress shopping – NOT STARTED.  I haven’t even made appointments yet.  I guess I should get on that.  Wedding dresses just look like a bore to me.
  • Interview DJ’s – In progress.  We’ve interviewed three so far with several more interviews set up next week.  Only one of those three sounded knowledgeable.
  • Have engagement photo shoot – Waiting.   Scheduled for May 6.
  • Research cake bakeries – In progress.  We have a cake testing set up for Monday.

Finances and Administrative

Check out our Wedding Expense Tracking Spreadsheet for a list of all our expenses to-date

  • Wedding Related Expenses This Week: $0
  • Total Wedding Related Expenses (all time): $1027.98
  • Total budgeted Difference (we have a $15,000 budget): $13,972.02
  • Estimated Hours Spent on Wedding Planning (not including blogging) This Week:  7 hours

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