Weekly Roundup March 11

by Melissa on March 11, 2011

I thought these painted balloons were really cute!  Not sure how they’d work for us at our outdoor venue, but cute nonetheless! 

I spent a very long time reading all these post-wedding regrets.  I highly recommend that other brides-to-be read them as well.  I found them useful and enlightening.   

Until recently, I was very discouraged at the prospect of ever being able to find dress (or even at least a picture of a dress) that looked appealing to me.  Why are they all strapless and/or sleeveless?  However, I finally found one (in a picture) that looks awesome.  (More on that in a future post!)  Now that I have a dress in mind that I can’t stop thinking about, other things are starting to come together, like hair style ideas.   I think I would wear my hair down and with a headband of some sort, like these

If I don’t wear my hair down, I really like the idea of a high ponytail like the one Reese Witherspoon is sporting here.  I also think I could pull off this hair style, given my long hair and bangs and all! 

And where can I get those head pieces pictured in the 7th photo down!?  Love that silver-ish headband! 

Dude.  This looks like an idea my fiancé would LOVE.  He builds computers from spare parts all the time.  No.  Seriously.  ALL the time!

Quick wedding planning tips!

Interviewing officiants is part of our Wedding Action Plan for March.    I’m not sure which direction we’ll end up heading.  Religious, or non-religious

Since we’ll be getting married in the fall, I would love a photo similar to this during a trash-the-dress ceremony maybe? 

I have very little faith in humanity.  Or maybe it’s just because I watch too much of The People’s Court.  So, asking any friend to take on a role as a vendor would make me very uneasy, just because I’d be afraid that they wouldn’t show up or something would come up and I would have no recourse.  Although we are doing self-catering, it’s family, so I do have a little more faith in them! 

A Facebook Themed Wedding?  Some of these Ideas are so cute!  Holding up “like” cards after the vows?  Awesome! 

I don’t think we’re going to have a wedding program, but I think this idea is super cute

Now, don’t laugh, but my fiancé and I spent our Valentine’s evening pouring over this year’s tax returns and analyzing our most recent paystubs to determine our adjusted gross income and modified adjusted gross income for next year when we are “married filing jointly.”  Neither one of us are financial professionals, I just have a huge interest in personal finance.  I’ll be very interested to see how close my estimations are to reality next year! 

I heart budget breakdowns like this!  It’s so enlightening (and inspiring when costs are kept so low!)   (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blue reception dress!)

Since we’re not having flowers, and just candles I really like these centerpiece ideas

Sometimes paying for things outright is worth it if DIY-ing it is just too much effort 

As part of my February wedding tasks, I contacted hair and makeup artists.  Which led me to consider my hair and makeup schedule for the day, and whether I want to stay at a hotel closer to the venue, or drive about 20 miles to the venue on the day of the wedding. 

I really like this chalkboard idea.  Perhaps a DIY thing I would actually do. 

I really feel bad for this couple.  I really do.  But take it as a lesson to never rely on money that is not there. 

We scheduled our engagement photoshoot for early May.  How cute is this idea

Working on our wedding website is on our action plan for this month.  So excited! 

As part of my quest for wedding dresses with sleeves, I love the dress pictured in the last photo here

Brides may feel pressured to do more, but it’s never necessary. 

Shit I’m not going to worry about for my wedding

There are some things that I come across in the wedding blogosphere that just make me go “hmmm, no wonder why brides stress themselves out so much over their wedding.”  In other words, things that seem to take too much time compared to the benefit.  (disclaimer:  because commenters have expressed … displeasure … with my use of the term “shit,” I just want to clarify that I do not think that the projects or ideas themselves are “Shit.”  In fact, they look awesome and you can tell that a LOT of time and hard work were put into them.  This is just my effort to poke a little fun at some things that I find over-the-top and what I think could be the source of a lot of wedding stress.)

No.  Socks are not important enough to get into an argument about. 

What is the appeal of Chivari chairs?  And why do people feel the need to spend so much money on them?  I don’t blame the brides though.  I blame the wedding industrial complex for trying to convince brides that we “need” such things as Chivari Chairs

Invitations to a rehearsal dinner?  Perhaps just a quick e-mail would have worked well? 

Wedding Fitness Goal Progress

I managed to lose 1.4 pounds this week, despite not working out.  My side, for whatever reason, really ached last week and it was making me feel really crappy.  I was just about to go to the doctor, but it started to subside.  So, back on the workout-wagon this week.  Total weight loss is 10.2 pounds!  I also started a new workout DVD as part of my DIY fitness programInsanity!   

March Wedding Planning Goal Progress

  • Submit application for venueDONE.  Our potential venue has a strict application process because it is part of the National Park Service.  We submitted our application on March 1, the date the application period opened, for our desired November wedding date.  We should find out in May if our date has been confirmed. 
  • Design Save-the-dates, test-printNOT STARTED
  • Interview officiantsNOT STARTED
  • Research local restaurants for catering accompanimentsNOT STARTED
  • Take some intro dance lessons – In Progress.  I E-mailed a few places and arranged some free intro lessons.  Will take some free ones and then arrange for an ongoing process
  • Develop content and design for wedding websiteIn Progress – I found a template I really liked, installed it with only minimal trouble, and started writing content for the site just yesterday!

In addition, having our engagement photoshoot is on our April action plan.  So I contacted one of the photographers that we really liked from our interviews (part of our January action plan) to schedule a shoot!  We’re all set for May 6! 

Finances and Administrative

I’ve finally started to look for things to buy for the wedding.  I should actually start spending money soon.  Not that that is anything to be excited about, but this section has never ever changed since I started my blog!

  • Wedding Related Expenses This Week: $0.00
  • Total Wedding Related Expenses (all time): $106.50 on magazine subscriptions and planning books
  • Total Budgeted Difference (we have a $15,000 budget): $14893.50
  • Estimated Hours Spent on Wedding Planning (not including blogging) This Week: 10 hours (did a LOT of online searching for decor-related items, setting up the wedding website, and writing content for the wedding website)

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