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by Melissa on December 1, 2010

After my recent wedding freak-out, I was definitely considering the difference between a wedding and a marriage.  Marriage wins, hands down.  I will try to remind myself of this as planning gets hectic for me too. 

It seems like with every wedding blog I read, I realize that there’s something else I had no idea that I would have to do.  Like wedding programs.  Martha Stewart Weddings has some templates this week. 

I’ve mentioned before that we’re definitely inviting kids to our wedding, and I LOVE the idea of having a kids table.  Although I love these cutely-themed wedding crayons, I think kids will be happy with just plain old dollar-store crayons!

In my efforts to create amazing save-the-dates and invitations, I couldn’t help but smile at these awesome save the dates.  But I wonder how our more elderly guests would do with these?

Amen to Broke Ass Bride about “Platinum Weddings.”  I find that weddings featured in magazines, even so-called rustic weddings, are so staged, so contrived, that it makes me hate weddings. 

I love this card collage idea.  I always like figuring out ways to display memorabilia instead of tucking it away at some scrapbook or box somewhere.  I will definitely keep this in mind as a post-wedding project. 

Call me a bad sport, party pooper, or whatever else, but I despise many wedding traditions, cake smooshing included.  The poll for the post is fascinating.  38% call it tacky, and 35% call it disrespectful.  I’m glad to hear so many people have common sense!  For me, cake smooshing ranks right up there with bouquet tosses, garter tosses, the groom getting the garter off the bride, the hokey pokey, annoying toasts, bridal shower games … hmmm, is there anything about weddings I DO like?

We’ll definitely have a heritage wall heritage at our reception, and may even incorporate previous generations’ wedding photos as part of our save-the-dates.  More on that later!

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