Compromise is okay for your wedding

by Melissa on March 1, 2012

Shhhhh. I’m about to tell you a secret. It’s something that most brides don’t realize, especially if they’ve already talked to lots of wedding vendors.

Here’s the secret.

Compromise is OKAY for your wedding. After all, some folks tell you that if you can’t afford LED uplighting or Filet Mignon with a Classic Bordelaise, then the alternative is “a compromise.”

It is okay to compromise if you can’t afford certain elements for your wedding. But vendors are quick to try and change your mind. They tell you, your wedding day should be perfect. It’s the most important day of your life. You only have one shot. Most people “regret” not having made that extra expense to [whatever … have a videographer, buy the more expensive dress, etc.]

Yes, your wedding day is an important day.  But what the fuck does that have to do with LED uplighting and Filet Mignon with a Classic Bordelaise?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But because vendors and wedding magazines and styled photoshoots make us think that these are elements we need to make our day “perfect.”  And when we don’t think we can afford them (or we just plain old don’t want them), we’re told, “Oh, you shouldn’t have to COMPROMISE on anything for your wedding.  It’s the most important day of your life!”

A House Hunters Analogy

Do you ever watch House Hunters? Even folks with the biggest house budgets always have to compromise on SOMETHING. Maybe it doesn’t have the pool. Or maybe the location was a bit further than they preferred, or it has one bedroom less than they were hoping.

So, if wealthy folks that can afford multimillion dollar homes have to compromise on elements of something that they will likely spend most of the waking hours in, don’t you think it’s okay to compromise on elements of your wedding and not be made to feel guilty about it?

I think so.

So, make your wedding decisions. OWN your wedding decisions. Bake your own cake, self-deejay your wedding, DIY your own flowers, or decide not to hire a videographer. And when people tell you that you shouldn’t “compromise” on any of those elements, tell them that you’re just being a practical, smart, human being. Because after all, everyone has to compromise.

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