Where to find wedding inspiration in a world of recycled ideas

by Melissa on February 20, 2012

Have you ever gone to Pinterest or Google Images or the Weddingbee DIY boards and searched for “unique wedding ideas?” For instance, maybe “unique invitations” or “unique wedding programs?”

Isn’t it strange how none of it is actually unique? Rather, it’s the same ideas you’ve seen over and over again online? I think the internet needs to learn the real definition of unique!

Here’s an example. Making a wedding program was a very last minute decision for our wedding. For ideas, I searched high and lo for “unique wedding programs.” You know what kept coming up in my results? Those programs that can also be used as fans at outdoor summer weddings. Over and over again. All my search results. Damned wedding program fans. Bah!

Well, I finally developed a fairly unique wedding program. And you know where the idea came from? Well, I’ll tell you about that later.

So where’s a bride to turn to for inspiration when everything looks the same in wedding world?

  • Scrapbooking Magazines, such as Creating Keepsakes
  • Paper Crafts Magazine
  • Martha Stewart Living (not the wedding magazine), Better Homes and Gardens, or other home living type magazines
  • Craft blogs that don’t focus exclusively on weddings. Try Stumble Upon’s “Crafts” category to discover some new blogs!
  • Sewing Magazines
  • Craftster
  • Craft Gawker

The BEST Place to Find Wedding Inspiration

But, better yet. Don’t forget to use your BRAIN for inspiration. Yes, even us un-creative types can tap something amazing and unique when we just look away from the computer and stop looking to others for ideas. My brain is where the idea for our wedding invitation originated. And our Save-the-Date. And the wedding program I was talking about above. I just opened up a notebook and started drawing. Er, I guess that’s what you can call it. Sketching, putting ideas to paper, whatever you want to call it. There are ideas IN YOUR BRAIN. 

Those amazing ideas you see on Pinterest and Stumble Upon? Guess what? At some point, those originated in someone’s head. One person. Well, yes, you say. But that person has infinitely more [insert excuse here … creativity, time, space, money]. But if those people can think of unique ideas, so can you.

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