Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

by Melissa on July 11, 2011

A few months ago, I discussed the reasoning behind our decision not to have bridesmaids.  Months later, I still think that has been one of our best decisions.  But, we are having a ring bearer (my nephew) and a flower girl (my fiancé’s niece), and I’m not sure why, but I am completely baffled about what they should wear.

Here’s some background

1) We’re having a casual campground wedding.  My dress will be a fun, but shorter flowy chiffon dress, and we have told our guests that the wedding will be casual attire.  They will be sitting on picnic tables afterall.

2) My nephew will be 5 1/2 and my fiancé’s niece will be almost 3 at the time of the wedding.  I have no idea what my nephew should wear.  He’s beyond that phase where he would look so adorably cute in a little suit, and he’s also freakishly tall for his age, so I don’t want to make him wear something that will make him look like a toddler instead of a big boy.  And, since our wedding will be more on the casual, rustic side, I want him to be dressed in a more casual manner.

3) I want everyone to wear little pops of blue as they walk down the aisle.

So, after careful, and probably way too much, consideration, here’s what I’ve come up with.

Ring Bearer

  • Brown dress pants or Brown Corduroy Pants
  • White button down shirt
  • Blue Converse Shoes
  • A skinny tie, perhaps made out of one of the following types of fabric, checkered or polka dot


Flower Girl

  • A tutu.  I’m undecided on whether to do a multicolored one or a solid color one.  I like this solid color one, and multi-colored ones like this (but using a slightly different autumn-type color scheme)
  • A long sleeve cardigan sweater
  • Striped tights in blue (similar to these).  Or blue and white polka dot tights.  Or, if I’m not that brave, just plain blue tights.  The striped tights was inspired by this look.  So cute!
  • A cute headband
  • Undecided on shoes.  Maybe some cute saddle shoes or t-strap shoes

What about you?  How did you dress your ring bearer and flower girl, or how are you planning to dress them?

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